4 Careers With Surprisingly Good Salaries


People in general think only careers that involve more learning of technology or acquiring very sensitive and subtle skills shall alone help them earn more, however contrary to this belief there are 4 Careers with Surprisingly Good Salaries which are also recession proof as these jobs play an inevitable role in everyday common usage of the public.

The first one among them with good salary, say approx. 3000 USD per month is the sewerage cleaners job, which is regularly needed to be done and so is considered to be a recession proof one too and the next one that follows it is the Elevator Mechanics job as this job involves few niche techniques that could be done by trained people alone.

Then isa less known surprising career which is a lab rat job for letting medical research to be done on them, as this is very risky, that risk is well paid off.The last one is the Toll Booth Collectors job as this job seems to have more risk than the rest of them as the places they work are mostly isolated and odd hours too and this is why their paid around 45000 USD per annum.