Daily Archives: August 6, 2017

Beware of These Credit Card? Conveniences?


Having a credit which you can spend as per your free will is a convenience given to eligible individuals by financial institutions in the name of credit card. However, there are few things which credit card users should beware of these credit card? conveniences? such asthe interest free credit is available only for a certain duration known as interest free days or grace period and after that period interest rates charged are very high.

One of the popular ways for extending time period of credit card repayment dues on your credit cards is by using multiple credit cards.In addition to that, other credit conveniences offered are cash advance checks, cash outs from credit cards and as such which are charged higher interest rates.

By maintaining a minimum balance in savings equivalent to credit limit of your credit card and using it for cash needs can also help you to manage your credit card due payments in time and thus avoid unwanted credit card uses and interests and this helps you use the credit card wise and conveniently understanding its real purpose.